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Korean Fried Chicken (양념치킨)

Amazingly crispy chicken! Korean fried chicken is double fried with an emphasis on crunch. The skin is paper-thin over very juicy chicken with our house-made glazes adding unique flavors to the party. Served with a side of pickled radish as a palate refresher, making each piece taste as delicious as the first.

Our Red sauce is our original favorite. Sweet with a bit of spicy, this is our homage to the flavors that put Korean fried chicken on the map in K-town spots across America.

The Black sauce is our soy garlic take on the second ‘traditional’ flavor. Often, Red and Black are ordered together to provide a steady contrast of spicy and salty.

Our Yellow sauce is our take on an apple cider honey mustard to give a tangy, sweet flavor to our impossibly crispy wings.


Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken (鹽酥雞)

In many Asian countries, there is a culture of going to night markets as a night time activity. Part of the draw of the night markets were the amazing street food vendors that sell their delicious creations to satisfy customers as they browsed the various shops. Our basil chili popcorn chicken pays respect to this famous night market snack. 

Salty and peppery on the outside, with a savory sweet and juicy inside. Marinated in a classic five-spice flavors battered in basil infused flour for a light and crispy snack.

For a southern interpretation, try our Chicken and Waffle variant where we pair our popcorn chicken with a honeycomb waffle from LimeRed Teahouse next door. A lemon-honey glaze is drizzled over the entire waffle wrap that is perfectly shareable in every way. (Currently not sold due to pandemic)


Vietnamese Egg Rolls (Chả Giò)

Vietnamese egg rolls are very different from Chinese egg rolls. They are smaller, and crispier, and have a very concentrated punch of flavor to delight. Expertly rolled by hand, fried to perfection.

Our egg rolls come in two variants. A traditional spiced pork with taro root, carrots, and vermicelli served with a side of Nước Chấm, a dipping sauce used in just about everything in Vietnamese dishes.

Our vegetarian egg rolls are filled with traditional Vietnamese vegetarian ham, mung beans, fried tofu, carrots, and vermicelli served with a vegetarian version of our Nước Chấm dipping sauce.


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